NKC#3: Introducing the Piano Challenge

Posted by Nicholas Hugh Sam | 05 March 2018 | Read Time: 2 min

My third challenge of the 2018 Kaizen Challenge is to learn the piano !

R.I.P. To My App:

This is just a short paragraph to say rest in peace to the application that I never made. Honestly, my plan was to make the app in February so that I can add a project to my C.V. when applying for my full-time job. The thing is, I’m not even interested in working as a software developper and even LESS interested in working in mobile dev so I said screw the app. VoilĂ .


Growing up as an asian, you would think that my parents made me learn the piano as a kid, but my parents weren’t about that “force your child to do a bunch of sh*t” life so I basically spent my whole childhood doing whatever I wanted aka nothing. And by nothing I mean, playing video games (yay for MapleStory, Soldier Front and Gunz) and watching LOTS of anime/TV shows.

Now that I’m all grown up, I really have this urge to learn an instrument and especially now, coming off the rap challenge, my music interested has grown even more. That’s why I wanted to learn an instrument as a challenge. As mentioned briefly in my last post, I was heavily debating between guitar, violin and piano. I finally opted for piano because… Well I don’t really know actually, but I’m someone that “follows his guts” a lot and my gut told me that the piano was a right fit for me LOL. Also, I really like the calm image that resonates out of pianos.

What is the challenge:

Okay so, this was a really abrupt change in challenges meaning I didn’t really have time to think about the actual challenge. Right now, I think my end goal is to do a 3 song medley of length ~4-5 minutes, but I don’t actually know if that’s a realistic goal so FOR PEOPLE READING AND ARE CONOISSEURS OF PIANO, please message me and help me find a good challenge.

How I will complete this challenge:

I don’t tired really quickly of finding the PERFECT method to tackle challenges, but currently, I am following a beginner’s tutorial on youtube by Bill Hilton in order to get the very basic basic fundamentals. I was thinking of watching 1 video a day maybe just to get a bit more familiar with piano theory, BUT my main practice sessions will consist of actually practicing easy to medium piano songs. I will also be more active on INSTAGRAM so make sure to follow us @hughsambros.

Final Remarks:

Also, I really don’t know which songs to play on the piano for my medley OR to practice with SO please comment on this post if you want to hear me play any of your favorite songs !!! Thanksss


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