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AKC#3: Introducing the Pho challenge

Posted by Alexander Hugh Sam | 21 March 2018 | Read Time: 2 min

So more than half of the month has already passed and I never even created a blog for my third challenge, but as the saying goes… better late than never, right? If you’ve been following me on instagram then you most likely know what my challenge is about (if you aren’t then holla @hughsambros). This month I’m learning how to cook pho AKA soupe tonkinoise AKA vietnamese soup AKA the meal of gods. If you don’t know what Pho is then PLEASE do yourself a favour and go and try it out. Trust me, you’ll thank me later (that Drake reference though).


So since I’m Vietnamese, I actually think that my blood has a bit of Pho in it. But seriously it’s THAT good. It’s probably the only meal that I can eat for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner and not get tired of it. If there is one meal that I DEFINITELY want to learn how to cook before moving out, it’s for sure pho (even if it’s the most inefficient meal to cook).

What is the challenge:

So any pho connoisseur knows that there are multiple types of pho. There’s pho tai (rare beef), pho dac biet (special pho), pho bo vien (beef balls) and an infinite more choices. For this challenge, since I am a cooking noob and everyone told me that cooking pho tai takes too long, I will be settling on learning how to cook pho ga (chicken).

So by the end of the month, I should be able to cook and prepare pho ga by myself. This means that I should be able to buy the ingredients, prepare the broth, prepare the chicken, but the chicken, cook the noodles and prepare the bowl of pho all by myself.

One thing that I forgot to mention is that I want to make sure that my pho is also GOOD. Or at least something that people can eat without hating themselves. Thus, I will be preparing some pho bowls for a few of my friends and I will ask them to rate the pho on a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being the best pho they’ve ever eaten. I will pass the challenge only if the average of the ratings will be at least 6/10 (just like in school woohoo).

How will I complete the challenge:

Since I want to be as efficient as possible, and I also don’t want to waste a full day(or two), I will dedicate my first two weeks in just observing and taking notes on how to make Pho. Thankfully, I still live with my Mom and my grand parents live right across the street AND they all know how to cook pho.

The following week (which is actually the weekend that just passed), I will attempt to prepare Pho mostly by myself, but will allow myself to ask for some help here and there. This will give me a bit of practice before my last attempt to cook Pho and I will be able to see what I did well and what I could’ve done better and apply it at the end of the month.

Final Remarks:

Honestly, I’m pretty confident I will be able to pass this challenge quite easily. I think what excites me most is that by the end of the month, I’ll be able to say that I can cook Pho all by myself and I’m looking forward to that!

- Alex

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