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NKC#2: Introducing the Rap Challenge

Posted by Nicholas Hugh Sam | 08 February 2018 | Read Time: 3 min

My second challenge of 2018 is the rap freestyle challenge!

Background: Imagine the scene where you’re at a metro station or a public space and someone starts playing an instrumental song. The beat is real nice, but you won’t listen to it more than 3 minutes because it gets repetitive. Suddenly, a dude comes out of nowhere, grabs a mic and starts rapping off his head aka freestyling. Then, people start filming, people post on youtube, shit gets 20M views, the dude goes on Ellen and the rest is history. Well, that was always my dream minus all the fame because fame is for losers (me being my humble-self). No, but seriously, I always had a sick scene in my head, where I would start freestyling and start jamming with random people. The problem is I don’t know any instruments, I sing badly and as you see from my first video, I can’t rap neither.

Enjoy. :)

Why the rap freestyle challenge?
The rap freestyle challenge is something I felt like I wanted to do. I’ve always been a fan of hip-hop even though, like Alex, I’m not the BEST at actually listening to the lyrics, I’m more of a beat person. But you know, sometimes reading clever bars on RapGenius makes me go like “damnnnn, that’s so smart”. So now, I would like it if I can look at a video of myself and being like “ddaaaaamn, I’m so smart” hahhaha (again, I’m so humble sometimes).

What is the challenge:
Max Deutsch had a rap challenge during his M2M project and had to freestyle rap for 3 straight minutes. We felt that 3 minutes was too long, so decided to reduce the time to 2 minutes instead.

So the goal is to continuously freestyle rap for 2 minutes straight, and most of what I am saying has to rhyme.
totally didn’t rip this off from Alex’s post.

How will I complete this challenge:
I’m pretty lucky that Max documented his process, so I now have a good template I can follow and maybe even improve upon.
Naaaaah, this is the part where Alex and I will be going our separate ways. I think it’ll have a pretty similar structure, but our methodology will differ.

So, as Alex said in his post, rapping for us is pretty broken down into two components: Rhyming and Flowing. The first one is just having words sound the same and the second one just sounding nice on the beat.

I broke the challenge down into four weeks. IMO, the most important part of rapping is the flowing part, but I have a certain ease at flowing [Disclaimer: Not Shown in the Video] and have a lot of difficulting rhyming. Consequently, I’ll dedicate the first 2 weeks to improving my rhyming, 1 week for my flowing and the final week will just be putting my efforts together.

I’ll most likely write more posts on the exact method as I go along, but at first, I’ll test my level by making videos of myself rhyming with words that I know. As the days go by, I will probably also use randomwordgenerator and similar sites.

For non-spamming purposes, I will be practicing everyday, but only be uploading every 2-3 days or so; however, you guys can aways request to see more videos and I can simply upload them on our youtube channel

ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT. I know that some of you also always wanted to freestyle, you don’t have to be shy about it !! So if you want, we encourage you to make your own freestyling videos and send it to us by email or PM. Come join our journey of embarrassment, it’ll be fun !

Note: I’ve always taken myself so seriously and never DARED to post an embarrassing video of myself, but as I get older (wow, that sounds like an old man talking), I’m learning to have fun and take myself lightly. So if you want to make fun of how bad I am, go ahead because I know that I am bad. FOR NOW. PEACE.


*I know that you don’t NEED to rhyme to actually rap, but for the purpose of this challenge, it’s a lot easier to go that route than other options. Also ripped this off from his post

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