Rap Update

NKC#2: Rap Update

Posted by Nicholas Hugh Sam | 21 February 2018 | Read Time: 2 min

Hey yaaaaalll !!!

I know it’s been a really long time that we haven’t posted, but we were pretty busy with our lives. However, especially for our rap challenge, I think it’ll be a good idea if you follow us on Youtube or on our Instagram if you want more rap updates.

I’m just going to make a short post here, but freestyling is actually really fun to do and there were lots of trial and error at the beginning.

Method 1: Seeing your skills
The first week, I was really just freestyling as best as I could without any strategy, but that quickly died out as being unsustainable because my improvement was like -1 hahah.

Method 2: Flow like water
The beginning of the second week, I tried to continue as much as with my flow like not thinking about rhyming or even making sense, but just rapping rapping rapping and flowing. It was pretty cool to do, honestly, and I think it freed my mind of brain blocks, but I stopped after a few days because I realized that flowing wasn’t my biggest issue, it was actually RHYMING.

Method 3: Rhyming with random words
This is where I am right now. I am simply using a random word generator to generate 5-7 words and try to freestyle with those words. I think I got better at rhyming using this method and you can see my progress in my 3rd video below. But maaaan, some words were so hard to rhyme with, I would like stop rapping completely and just ask myself “what the f**k rhymes with this word and then going on rhymezone in order to find out. It’s an on going process, but I am positive that I’ll manage to slay this challenge.

Method 4: Flow flow flow til you row
Well, since I only have like a week left, it’s all about practicing now so make sure to follow us on instagram because Alex and I are supposed to be posting stories soon (+ new posts). Also, every morning I have a 10 minutes walk to the bus, where I just freestyle like madness, it’s a really calming thing to do in the morning hahaha. I encourage everyone to try it ! You can also listen to lofi hip hop beats, really relaxing also :)

That’s all folks ! Stay tuned for more updates. PEACE


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