Rap or Crap?

NKC#2: Rap or Crap?

Posted by Nicholas Hugh Sam | 28 February 2018 | Read Time: 5 min


First of all, I just want to thank everyone who has been (or still is) following our journey. I really wanted to post more videos, but didn’t have the discipline to do it so for the next challenge, I’m holding myself accountable to most videos. Probably not going to write more blog posts, but definitely more Stories on Instagram and videos on Youtube. Surprise announcement at the end of this post !!

Well, compared to my cooking challenge, I would say that this was quite an exciting challenge. So exciting in fact that I decided (and Alex also, I think) to continue to the freestyle until I get bored of freestyling or I get decently good enough to retire MC Nich (wouldn’t be my rap name btw). So yeah, follow us on Instagram, mainly, if you want more updates on our freestyle progress.

ALSO, for the last video, please follow us on instagram and we’ll post a poll about who was better Alex or me!

My final rap:

What I Learned:

  1. Sometimes, PRACTICE is the only way to go. I mean, especially since we only have a month for the challenge, sure we could break this down and try to do rocket science in figuring out the best way to tackle this challenge, but at the end of the day, I think the most important part was to practice. This challenge taught me to get the BARE MAXIMUM out of everything. I borrowed the term “bare maximum” from Steve Lacy’s Ted Talk, which essentially means: use the maximum out of everything you can. In terms of tools, opportunities, time, no matter what it is, just use the max of it. It was so easy to say like “hey, I’m not home and I don’t have my mic” or “I’m in the bus/metro so I can’t practice my rap”, but that is NOT TRUE. Every morning, during this cold ass weather, I would put my Spotify Playlist instead of my usual songs and just walk towards the bus while practicing my freestyle. Also, IN the bus, you don’t actually have to say the rap out loud, you can just mumble it out or say it in your head. There was no valid reason why I didn’t practice as much as I should have, except for the fact that I was lazy about it. That’s all. So remember guys, always do The Bare Maximum.
  2. A month goes by quick quick quick. I spent all my time doing the click click click that I forgot how much the time tick tick tick (that rhyme though). Put yeah man, I know that February has the least amount of days, but I kept telling myself that I had so much time to practice and blablabla. Next thing you know, it’s already the end of the month. Hopefully, for the next challenge, I’ll manage my time better. I think the best way to go about it is CONSISTENCY. Ensuring that you practice every single day, no matter the amount of time (like above 30 minutes) would yield HUGE results and you’re using time to your advance in this case because 30 minutes * 28 days = 840 minutes, which is a decent amount of time for freestyling (without sacrificing everything else).
  3. Finally, I was going to do a presentation on this @TotemAcademy, but freestyling actually helped my public speaking skills. I seriously NEVER would have thought about this, but one day after my shower, I was practicing a speech and I realized that my mind was able to think of words so quickly that I never had moments, where I was saying hummms. After that realization, I continued practicing an imaginary speech and I was flowing continually without ever stopping to the point that my public speaking became a form of slam poetry. Also, unless you’re doing mumble rap, people usually want to hear what you’re saying when you’re rapping so I noticed that my pronunciation got slightly better thanks to freestyling. Shit is kinda crazy, I never thought you could connect these two art forms together, but it makes sense. So Topa, if you’re reading this, you can maybe integrate this into one of your classes, it would be siiiiick. Feat HughSamBros.

What would I do differently:

  1. Is it bad if I say PRACTICE? I think I’m starting to see a recurring pattern here… It seems that practice is a pretty critical element to learning new things… who would have known…
  2. Also, maybe I would have tried to speak english more often leading to the challenge. I say this because, even though I never practiced french rapping, I noticed that I had an easier time coming up with rhymes versus when I was rapping in English. This is like a “no shit” moment because for sure that if you constantly think and speak in a certain language, the bank of words you can use during your freestyle is going to expand because you’re constantly using them!

Time Spent On the Challenge:

0$ was spent on this challenge because we already had the mic. In terms of time, I think total, maybe 30 minutes x 17 days = 510 minutes approximately. This is 330 minutes off from my goal of 30 minutes per day.

Special Announcement:

I CHANGED MY THIRD CHALLENGE AGAIN. Yeah, I wasn’t down to do an app anymore because I was only doing it to put it on my CV, but I don’t even want to work in mobile apps so I was like screw this. Since I was in the music element, I decided to put something that I’ve always wanted and that is to LEARN AN INSTRUMENT. My top choices were Guitar, Piano and Violin. I decided to go with Piano (yay inner asian in me !!) because I find it to be the most calming, soothing and flowing (whatever that means) instrument. I’ll use it as meditation at the same time hahahah. Violin would be siiiick also, but I’m sure I can do more progress on piano than on violin in a month (cuz ya know, violin is hard af).



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