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AKC#2: Introducing the Rap Challenge

Posted by Alexander Hugh Sam | 07 February 2018 | Read Time: 2 min

My second challenge of 2018 is the rap freestyle challenge!

If you’ve known me for a while, then you probably know that I love hip-hop and rap (extra props if you know who my favourite rapper is). To be completely honest, I’ve always put more importance to the beat and the vibe of the song, more so than the actual lyrics (yup just lost all my street cred), but I still love going on RapGenius to look up the meaning of the lyrics of each song I listen to.

Here is a quick little video to show you where I’m starting from (feel free to laugh):

As you can see, I’m pretty terrible, but I’m hoping that I’ll be better by the end of the month!

Why the rap freestyle challenge?
I’ve always wanted to be able to freestyle, but I told myself that I didn’t have enough vocabulary or flow to do so. But the Kaizen Challenge is all about going out of your comfort zone and trying new things, so I believe this is the perfect opportunity to change this!

What is the challenge:
Max Deutsch had a rap challenge during his M2M project and had to freestyle rap for 3 straight minutes. I felt that 3 minutes was too long, so decided to reduce the time to 2 minutes instead.

So the goal is to continuously freestyle rap for 2 minutes straight, and most of what I am saying has to rhyme.

How will I complete this challenge:
I’m pretty lucky that Max documented his process, so I now have a good template I can follow and maybe even improve upon.

If I break-down rap into two main components, it would be coming up with rhymes* and flowing on beat.

The hardest part will for sure be coming up with rhymes to fill in the two minutes, so that will be my main focus. I believe that I will be able to improve my flow by just practicing rapping on different beats. To improve my rhymes, I’ll be using a combination of, and my board game called Telestrations so that I can increase my vocabulary and also put me in different rhyming situations so that I can improve my creativity,

I’m pretty pumped for this challenged and definitely looking forward to seeing my progression.

I’m sure there are some of you that always wanted to try to freestyle as well, so I invite you to start with me and share your progression! Feel free to either post it here or even email or PM directly if you don’t want to share it with everyone!


*I know that you don’t NEED to rhyme to actually rap, but for the purpose of this challenge, it’s a lot easier to go that route than other options.

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