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NKC#1: My Second Meal

Posted by Nicholas Hugh Sam | 20 January 2018 | Read Time: 2 min

I LOVE SOUTH AMERICAN FOOD. And I’m not talking about the actual taste because I don’t think I ever ate any authentic South American food; I’m talking about the idea of rice, beans, meat, avocado, salsa, tomatoes, onions and plantains all packed together into a single dirt cheap, but utterly delicious meal ! Now, I know, those probably aren’t the most healthy meals, but hey, can’t a man just enjoy his good food in peace?

In honor of my love of South American food, the second meal I made were homemade tacos served with some tortilla chips and some guacamole.

I must admit that I don’t take the easiest meals to make (lasagna was an easy one, but homemade tacos? Really? And freshly made pasta? really?), but yeah, I decided to not care about how hard the recipe was going to be, as long as it was food that I loved eating. I think the whole experiment went fairly well overall and that it was a more successful meal than my previous lasagna (yay for progress !).

There’s nothing much about this meal really, it was super fun to make and I now understand how hard it is to make really good tasting tacos. My biggest lesson was probably to be careful with how much salt you add. In general, I think I’m a person who assumes a lot of stuff and until I’m proven wrong, I always go straight on with my theories. Let me explain what this has to do with salt.

You know how when you go to Subway, they always ask you if you want ‘salt and pepper’ in your subway and, like most people, you always answer ‘yeah’ just because it’s free and why not? Or you know that meme last year about a guy sprinkling salt over meat aka THE Salt Bae? Well, in my culinary knowledge, salt was always that EXTRA and pretty useless thing. You just sprinkle it on top of stuff to make yourself look like a chef even if you don’t actually taste the salt. SO, at one point in the recipe, they had a simple phrase that said ‘add salt to taste’ and since I usually like salty food, I just started randomly pouring salt on top of the meat. In retrospect, I think I added like ¼ - ½ cup of salt. And as you guys probably guessed it already, the meat was helllaaaaaaaa salty to the point where it was almost inedible. Lucky, my girlfriend’s mom had a few tricks up her sleeve to help us get rid of that salty taste until it was just above average salty.

Lesson/Tip#1: NEVER underestimate the power of salt. That thing can really make or break a meal.

Lesson/Tip#2: In order to negate the saltiness, you can add lime to the dish if it is suitable. If not, another trick is to ‘wash’ the meat in order to get rid of all the salt (in our case, the meat was simmering in some broth and absorbed a lot of the salt. By washing it, we were able to lessen the amount of salt covering the meat).

Homemade Guacamole with Tortilla Chips

Lesson/Tip#3: If you ever make Guacamole, pay attention to the amount of lime juice that you put in, it’ll make the guac taste too acidic and it’ll drown the taste of the avocados.

That’s it folks ! Next up is homemade pasta, which is bound to be a disaster !

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