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NKC#1: the Cooking Challenge

Posted by Nicholas Hugh Sam | 07 January 2018 | Read Time: 2 min

My second challenge is to be able to cook by the end of January 2018.

Why I’m Doing a Cooking Challenge:

I simply don’t know how to cook. Okay yes, I can cook instant ramen, make eggs in the morning, put a toast in the toaster and spread some butter or peanut butter on it, but I don’t ACTUALLY know how to cook anything else. It’s a bit sad to say, but at 22 years old, if my mom would leave us at home for 2 weeks straight, we would probably gain 5lbs each from always eating out or die (one of the two, no in-betweens really). That is the reason why I decided to undertake a cooking challenge this month. Simply as a means of survival. Oh also, on a more serious note, learning how to cook will force me to help the best chef I know aka my mom (you know, be a little useful around the house instead of doing useless stuff like writing blog posts or working on a website…).

What is the Challenge:

At first, I wanted to do a Shokugeki No Soma (yay for animes!!) type battle, but realistically, I don’t think it would be possible for me to beat a real chef with my meager skills (how meager you might ask? well, let’s just say that I somehow manage to burn a simple croissant because I apparently don’t know how to use a conventional oven) in a month’s time. I decided to do this challenge instead:

  1. Simple and delicious breakfast in under 20 minutes.

  2. Vegetarian lunch that is made solely with ingredients already in my house (so I can’t physically go buy groceries specifically for this meal).

  3. Supper that can be done under 2 hours and is packable.


  • All three challenges will be judged by the most prestigious and strict judges in the world. Michelin Star Critics: Mom, Alex, Girlfriend & Friends.

  • Concerning the breakfast challenge, I wanted something good and quick that you can cook in the morning before going to work (or school in my case) because ain’t nobody got time for complex hour long breakfasts.

  • Concerning the lunch challenge, I wanted to try vegetarian cooking because I’ve been reading a lot about the health benefits of eating vegetarian or just eating less red meat and general so I wanted to challenge myself and make a delicious vegetarian meal (not that 1lbs of broccoli, salt&pepper and brown rice crap… yuck). Also, since I’m an athlete, I really want to try an fuel my body with proper nutrition so why not combine all that stuff and try to cook vegetarian.

  • Finally, concerning the supper challenge, I really gave myself as much freedom as possible with only one constraint: Packable. By packable, I mean that I can pack it for lunch for the next day. In our household, we always pack for lunch the supper that we ate the previous day that’s why I want my super to be packable.

How Will I Achieve this Challenge:

For this challenge, I don’t have any methodological system in place. I’ll just try to watch cooking shows, be curious about what my mom is cooking, read cooking books and actually cook as much as possible. As I said in the beginning of the post, I’m not trying to be a Michelin Star chef here, just trying to survive when my mom won’t be home.


Pass if I get a score of 7.5/10 or more and fail otherwise.


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